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The Side Business Show with Ike Mutabanna

Aug 16, 2017

Roxana Andreu is a Full-time Mom to triplet boys. While in a corporate job, she started a Vacation Rental business which now makes over $50K in annual income. After the sudden passing of her ex-husband five years ago, she was left to raise three triplet boys on her own. So, she became a stay-home mom and launched a business Hosting International Students. Later, she signed up to do short-term rentals with Airbnb, which brings her several multiples in hosting income.

Show Notes

• Roxana’s early corporate life [1:35] • A change in family structure and the need to do something more [3:50] • The business ventures she began while in school [6:40] • The fears that drove her into a corporate career instead of her own business [11:00] • How she turned a vacation home into a side business [13:00] • Expenses of owning a vacation rental [15:25] • Benefits of having a property manager [17:20] • Surviving declining property values and an economic downturn [21:00] • The conversation with a friend that led to hosting international students [26:00] • How to find and select students to host [31:00] • As a host, what are your obligations to the students [36:22] • Hosting international students vs. Airbnb guests [43:40] • What she learned from her first Airbnb guests [45:30] • Selecting the right people to host in your home and the guests with whom she has had the most pleasant experiences [47:45] • The importance of references [54:30]


• When your life and needs change, you have to create a new way to make money [8:45] • Don’t let the fear of public perception and expectations stop you [11:00] • Establish a client list of guests who return each year [13:00] • This is not a short-term commitment, it’s important to have a long-term view [23:10] • Ensure you can afford to continue even in hard times [24:10] • Be selective about who you host, ask questions and share expectations to see if they are a good fit for your home [47:45] • Be available for your clients [51:45]