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The Side Business Show with Ike Mutabanna

Aug 15, 2018

Mario Porreca was a full-time chef while he built a side business for weight loss. In this episode Mario reveals his journey losing 70 lbs, helping others lose weight, and discovering why they weren’t keeping it off.

Mario eventually left the kitchen and jumped into business full-time, ironically out of his fathers’ chiropractic clinic, coaching people to reach their health, wellness, weight, and mindset goals. His goal is to help busy achievers create the energy, mindset, and strategy to live life fully.

Mario has authored two cookbooks geared toward healthy living and has also authored a third book centered around achieving personal and business success. He also hosts a podcast called the 10 Minute Mindset that provides daily tips to start the day with in the right frame of mind.

Learn more about Mario Porreca and listen to his podcast 10 Minute Mindset.

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