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The Side Business Show with Ike Mutabanna

Mar 14, 2018

Beata Lorinc started her career with Procter & Gamble as a Supply Chain Management specialist. After deciding to become a stay-home mom, Beata now runs multiple side businesses and enjoys a full-time income, while working an average 10-15 hours a week.

Beata recently created a splash with an oceanfront vacation rental business that was born out of a random idea. With the personalized experience that she creates for her customers, and her razor-focus attention to details, Beata is bringing in double the profits that the average vacation rental manages. This has helped rapidly scale her business to four vacation rentals in less than two years. In this episode you will learn the detailed nuts and bolts of a vacation rental business and the potential investment, expenses, and profits. Not to be missed!

Also, make sure to listen to Episode 35. Beata shared her story about launching a small remodeling business to build financial independence for her parents making factory wages. That business enabled her parents to become debt-free and build a nest egg for retirement. A fantastic story of small objectives and thoughtful actions that led to transformational results.